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3 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:

NTSC please. My Wife would like to see it non green...

You could see if Sheddy's tools (the pal to ntsc pallette tool converter) can convert it. :) 

Version 3.3 zip of Sheddy's tools are found here. 






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HAM Convert




for use with the Atari select:

Mode: Amiga OCS Dynamic Hires/PCHG Software Mode

Colors per line: 4 total ; 4 modif ; 0 locked


HAM output files: filename_output.png ; filename_palettes.png


convert with BMP2MIC


bmp2mic -p altirra.act -c filename_palettes.png filename_output.png


files will be created: *.MIC ; *.COL


upload them to the G2F program (1: *.MIC ; 2: *.COL)








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Just want to add that this .g2f is in 320x (40Bytes width mode) with all 240scanlines in-use.

As example(s) the first two pictures show like this on A8/emulator:

ballblazer.png.967130aa8ba3cbbfe156a22ef14d747f.png biker.png.5934df15f299bb2838a4738e581a1fc4.png

But as BAK is black and already set by definition doing top (2 or 3charlines) blank mode (0) and the same at the bottom accordingly it looks better, I think:

526183520_ballblazer_G2Fprint_screen.thumb.png.eae4086749a2b4d5e0e6ea99abc378e6.png -> ballblazer.png.42ff8f53b3b7b723d603f76a8f17fcbb.png

ballblazer.g2f ballblazer.xex

1619401138_biker_G2Fprint_screen.thumb.png.7404d4d3c0b703271e8f6c357a9d519b.png -> biker.png.b7301dbc55996e25f564b9371360fc8c.png

biker.g2f biker.xex

Now is only up to you to go and do it or not for all the others  ;) :grin:...



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25 minutes ago, Eagle said:

Sorry me again... problems with these is that they're automatically converted and don't have in mind the sides.

And this one even has also DLIs on the BAK register.

So I think that the first thing to do is we have the image centered vertically:


So the output 'automatically' gets this (G2F and Altirra):

 241896202_WildernessbyPoison_output_inG2F.png.97ca2038aba08855b14bd8317aa6937e.png  611000907_WildernessbyPoison_output_inAltirra.png.441b57563415804c2543142bef8e636b.png

Most of the times it'll may need those blank lines at the top and on the bottom but also on this case add two PMGs to have the sides in black (here's the conversions don't use PMGs so can have them to cover the sides):


   WildernessbyPoison_output _centered and PMGs to add black sides.g2f



Each one is a 'unique case' but I just like to be perfect that's what it is :grin:...

Edited by José Pereira
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