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Plastic Dust Cover 2023 for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (by Retronics)


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Thanks to the friend Jerzy Dudek's heavy investment of time and money, a very professionally made, dust plastic cover is now available for the TI-99/4A!
Transparent, looks like glass, made of special plastic about 1 mm thick. It's not completely stiff, it has a gentle spring to not break under pressure, but it's not flaccid!
A top class product, it protects against dust, floods and UV rays. The computer looks newer!

Jerzy already has a strong experience in the production of protective covers for Retrocomputers, he has been creating them for years for various systems, but this one for the TI-99/4A will be a new entry in his catalog.

333313192_534242015497598_3673315200385034318_n.thumb.png.4e9529abf92257d708638b8fa12099fa.png332948977_1297026334226473_4900327957660054710_n.thumb.png.3faaf54d04a32c472ac500c0c280c089.png  334982659_957321501925447_9053165690371849374_n.thumb.jpg.c209efe90e604b5662aa89a50e5371a3.jpg


The cost will be 35 euros + shipping by Global Express Courier.
(The shipping cost will depend on the country).


If you are looking for a cover for your computer, in transparent, resistant and practical plastic, you cannot miss this one!

Place your order by writing to: orders@retronics.eu
The official site: www.retronics.eu, will soon be translated into English too but it won't be difficult to navigate even now using the automatic translator of your browser.

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Bello! Ho preso (preso su ebay ma la marca èesattamente quella del sito) quella per il mio amiga 600.. se è fatta uguale, confermo che è fatta benissimo! Sottile ma molto resistente.. non si vede neanche.

Confermo un ottimo acquisto👍🏻

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