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In-Store Demonstration Program

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Here's another fantastic find by John Hardie!


Introducing an updated / unreleased version of the classic In-Store Demonstration Program:



Run both disk versions side by side and you'll notice many changes in speed, colors, graphics, wording...

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1 hour ago, Allan said:

There is also a very early in-store demo that was on cassette. I know the person who has it. I am trying to get them to make a copy of it.

This one? I haven't started archiving cassettes yet but I have this in case he's unsuccessful.



Atari Demo Cassette.jpg

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1 hour ago, _The Doctor__ said:

Dig around for the companion AUDIO tape portion of the DEMO, this was a two cassette demo. I don't think it's on the flip side. please check.

I'll check. This might be all I have though. Side 2 says demo (cont.)

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Another nice piece of Atari history preserved!


Thanks to @cx2k and @Atarigrub, we now have a working copy of this ultra rare cassette:



It's quite astounding that there is virtually NO information on this tape. The ONLY document that we could locate with a clear reference to the software can be found here:



As you can read, there are two separate cassettes and the audio one is still at large. Pretty strange that Atari released this "kit" and just didn't lump everything together. Maybe dealers thought this was impractical and Atari decided to drop the product quickly for that reason? 


It's difficult to say if this is from the very end of 1979 or the first quarter of 1980. Later seems quite unlikely as the program only highlights really early titles.  

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7 hours ago, www.atarimania.com said:

...we now have a working copy of this ultra rare cassette:

It has one of the nicest-looking Atari logos I've seen in any software (Xanth logos were done right too). Someone actually took the time to get the proportions right. The in-store demo Atari logo shape looks goofy by comparison; I always hated it.






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