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final grom 99 problem


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7 minutes ago, bradhig1 said:

I just got my finalgrom99 and it won't read my 64gig sd card.  It is formatted as fatex should it be ntfs?

I had the same problem. The problem is the SD card you are using. I had to find a chap $5 SD to get it to work. I tried more than 10 different cards before I found one that works. FinalGrom is very picky for some reason. The card should be formatted as FAT32

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30 minutes ago, bradhig1 said:

It is formatted as fatex should it be ntfs?

FAT32.  You may also need to try a different SD card.  I have an 8GB card here that never reads on the first try, while I have a lot of smaller cards (1GB, 256MB,) and a 16GB which read just fine.  I like the smaller cards because I feel I am not wasting larger cards.

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Anche a me lo stesso problema, alla fine ero arrivato a 3 schede (2 da 16 gb e 1 da 32gb non funzionanti) poi mi è venuta un'idea.

Mio figlio è un "Nintendo fan" quindi sono andato a vedere che SD c'era dentro la Wii 1°modello.. 2GB!

Ho messo tutti i dati della Wii su quella da 32gb e ho formattato quella da 2GB.

Funziona benissimo.

Quindi se avete delle console di questo tipo, il consiglio è di utilizzare le SD messe in passato e utilizzare quelle per la finalgrom!


Ps neanche a volerlo la marca della mia è "Sandisk".😆

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