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Purchased used 1040STf and having some issues (especially video out)

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Hi All! I'm feeling lost and helpless... bought a 1040STf, it included an SC1224 monitor and a Supra hard drive. I initially did not want the monitor but he ended up throwing it in very cheap. When I had decided I did not want the monitor and discovered that there are converters to output ST video to LCD monitors I ordered one off of eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/266103907283). Anyway, everything arrived and had to sit for almost a month since we were moving. Finally got everything set up today and I went with the converter plus LCD monitor. Booted up without hard drive and the video on the monitor was all wonky. The converter has some switches for various options but could not get anything to give me proper output. I then dug out the SC1224 monitor, plugged it in to power and ST, powered it on (red light came on), then powered on the ST. Within a couple seconds the red light on the monitor went off and it now appears to be dead. It won't come back on. After disconnecting power and inputs from the converter, I reconnected the output to the monitor and power. The monitor showed me the converters settings box and I was able to configure it to 720p, NTSC, and SCART input. Powered off, reconnected ST, powered on, no output.


My first question is, could there be something going on with the monitor output port on the ST that would have killed the monitor? After a more thorough inspection I found a nasty crack in the upper left corner of the monitor that does not appear in any of the pictures the guy sent me before I purchased. I have no reason to believe he sold me dead goods, he has been very responsive today trying to help me out. So I think the monitor may have taken a drop but the box itself looks fine.


I don't mind trying to open and tinker with the ST but it's not something I've done in a very long time and wouldn't even know where to begin. I'll start searching YouTube for videos but if anyone has other advice and suggestions on what to try I'd appreciate it!

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It's unlikely the cable or the ST would have killed the SC1224. My guess is that the LCD monitor you are using doesn't like the ST's signal, there are a few threads in this forum about monitors that can handle it which would be worth reading. I guess the cable really doesn't do much but convert the signal to HDMI and doesn't upscale - the TV is doing that? So perhaps you are on the wrong setting on the TV for input. I'm guessing a bit here as being UK based it is still easy for me to connect to a TV/LCD due to SCART sockets still being common, so haven't had to cross this bridge yet.

The SC1224 is probably dead if you are getting no power light. It might be worth repairing if you can find someone who can still do the work on CRTs (which country are you in, I'm assuming USA?) and the delicate bits inside haven't shattered... if it was delivered it is highly likely it has been dropped/ mishandled, which is a shame, they don't like courier companies. If you are UK (I'm guessing not based on where you purchased the HDMI cable) based you might want to rule out the fuse. A failure isn't entirely unexpected anyway as these things are getting on a bit. For me though the Atari (and Philips) monitors are the best way to view the ST's output, so it is worth trying to repair them if you can.


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