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Universal NETwork software & cables

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In the back cover of many of my ST Informer Magazines, and others, a Applications & Design Company made some cool gear, one item being proper cables along with hardware, and software, to do some networking of Atari.  


Any place to download that software?  I can't find it after searching a bit.


What appeals to me is the software said it worked on Mega STe and TT030 with use of the LAN port.  I know slower than a NetUSB type device but sounds fun to try.


Guessing I can use any AppleTalk Adapter with RJ11 connections to wiring two together, or maybe a RS422 AppleTalk cable?


But 1st up, trying to find the software.


Otherwise, I may explore Sting one day as I read elsewhere it may work with Mega STe and TT030 LAN port.





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