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TIPI - PIJOKES - Joke of the Day Web applet

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I've been playing with my TIPI enabled TI and thought it would be fun to have it retrieve jokes from the internet.


This BASIC app pulls a single random joke using "https://official-joke-api.appspot.com/random_joke".


The data is returned in "json" format.  I cobbled together a primitive json parser to clean up the returned data.

(Also, there is an inadequate line wrap function in the code.)


Requires a TIPI and almost any version Extended BASIC to run. 


BTW, If you are running @jedimatt42's Force Command then you can change the FC variable to 1 on Line 160 to return to Force Command.


This was a fun programming exercise for me.  Let me know if it works for you? 🙂



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Posted (edited)
41 minutes ago, arcadeshopper said:

line 750 has a trailing ) thats giving an error

getting a syntax error in 760



Thanks @arcadeshopper


I originally set this up in an 80 column F18A version using @senior_falcon 's GEM.   This was a casualty of converting the code back to  "stock" Extended BASIC.   There may be several leftover's in the code from some of my older projects.  (Please, ignore these "artifacts" unless they cause errors (or cause your console to blow up.  😉)


This should be the corrected version:



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