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Something broke with Safari


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https://www.atariage.com  does this:




The forums were working, but I cleared all cookies trying to fix the main page. Did not help, and while forum page does come up:




Sign In does not work:







I've logged in with Firefox, and while it can show the site the text cursor disappear after I attached these screenshots, making editing a tad difficult. 


Text Cursor just reappeared.


No pending updates






Safari version info:





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That's really odd, as it works fine for Safari for me.  One change I did make recently was putting Cloudflare in front of the main site and the store, so requests go through Cloudflare before you hit the site.  The forum does not have this, though, but DNS is still going through Cloudflare. 


I am running the same version of Safari as you (16.3), but the build number is different:

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 5.08.18 PM.png

I'm on Ventura 13.2.1, though, not Montery.  Works fine on another machine as well (also running Ventura), and Safari on my iPhone also seems fine. 


Do you also see this issue in the store?  https://atariage.com/store/


I haven't had any other reports of this (at least not yet).  Also weird that you are having an issue with the cursor in Firefox.  That's my primary browser, and I have never seen this when adding attachments to a message or post. 


Every time I try to use Safari as my primary browser, it usually only lasts a few days or a week at most before it just frustrates the hell out of me for one or more reasons and I revert back to my previous browser.  I actually did that again within the last month, but it has several quirky behaviors I do not like, and I really don't like how tabs and the URL bar work.  I can't remember what site I was using that doesn't work properly in Safari (in 2023, no less!) before I said, "Screw this, I'm going back to Firefox."  :D



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My Mac Pro(Late 2013) doesn't support Ventura.  Getting Monterey installed required me to track down my original SSD and reinstall it. Something about a firmware update that wouldn't install with my Aura Pro X2 SSD installed.  Once done I was able to put the Aura back in and install Monterey on it. I'll probably replace the Pro when the Studio gets updated with an M2.


I've installed the Safari Technology Preview and it's working, so whatever's broken with Safari will probably be fixed with the next update.


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