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In 1995, SNUG introduced the HSGPL Card for the TI-994/A. It provided 2 banks of RAM and 16 banks of GROM/ROM. Those 16 banks of GROM/ROM allow the user to load cartridge images that become selectable by any menu program that parses the GROM headers. Each of the banks can have a total of 4 ROMS (8K each for a total of 32K) and 5 GROMs (8K each for a total of 40K). The HSGPL that I had is currently undergoing repairs so I was forced to find an alternative. Michael Zapf was kind enough to include an accurate emulation of the device in MAME. I have been using it while I wait for my HSGPL to return. I was delighted to discover the MAME emulation is an accurate emulation of the original TI card.  Rather than try to describe all of the HSGPL’s functions, I have limited this to some notes on the 16 banks of GROM/ROM on the card (files attached). Enjoy!

ROM only files.pdf GKRACK.dsk snug_dummy.bin

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