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Should I send fz1 for repairs?

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I seen e starland offers good pricing as I have no local repair shops. 

Problem is disk drive opens and closes, typical 3do noises happen but nothing on screen?

Maybe simple fix? If someone has a idea what it is I am mechanical but not someone who can diagnose this.

I can solder on the boards if I know what or where to look but I think we have a common failed drive from what I read or simple as a new laser? 

Suggestions on repair or someone good to repair all welcome, thanks for any help.


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They are right up the street from me and so I have had a few things fixed through them, including my FZ-1. They do decent enough work but my issue with them is that you can't drop it off and have them, say, recap the entire system. They will generally just do what's needed to get it working again, not future-proof it.


With your FZ-1 it could be a variety of things that could be causing whatever issues you are having. Bad caps in particular are common on these. You could probably open it up and take a look at them, but with how much space the disc drive mechanism takes up, I don't remember if you can see all the caps without taking the drive out.


There are other repair joints out there that do good work and they will likely do everything to future-proof the system, assuming price isn't much of a concern. One I see that regularly takes repairs is iFixRetro (https://www.facebook.com/ifixretro/).

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Thanks for the insight, yeah I would prefer a full look over you need this and that and probably never worry again. It's my only system that doesn't work and I really enjoyed it so like to get it rocking again. I'll check out the reference. Thanks again.

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