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Geforce NOW Spy - bag some Geforce NOW bargains on Steam

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Not sure if anyone on here has got a Geforce Now subscription, but if you have, my latest side project may prove useful...

I've written a scraper to scrape the prices for all Steam games available on Geforce NOW. Then I've built a report in a single webpage, containing a list of all 1400 odd games, sorted by price and discount, from cheapest upwards. There are direct Steam links for all the games.


You can check out the entire list at:


Geforce NOW Spy


Happy bargain hunting!

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Hey Tanooki,


I wrote a scraper to scrape the prices of all the Steam games available on Geforce NOW (Geforce's online cloud gaming platform). Then I wrote some code to build a webpage with all the games sorted by cheapest price to greatest. I just thought - something like this doesn't exist and it may prove useful to people with a Geforce NOW subscription. Plus it was a fun project to code up.




I've updated it with the latest prices this morning.


Coming soon: sorting the list by name/price/discount and filtering by tag.


If anyone actually uses it and finds it useful or has any feedback on potential improvements, I'm open to suggestions. :)



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Ahh see now that makes sense.  It's a good bare bones filter at least.  When I look for deals and don't want to deal with the drama for years I just use http://isthereanydeal.com/ and then pop the game name into the blank up top.  I can see how far the cut is, and a total life of game on service line graph of history to see if it's the best,  if it ever goes cheaper (stays flat?) or whatever else.  Far more bloated than the text, but it gets the job done, and shows all sorts of valid key sites to get further cuts off what steam does alone.

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Got another three Steam bargains for you guys this morning:


Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos ($4.99 - 75% off)


Just Die Already ($4.49 - 70% off)


Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 ($1.99 - 90% off)


Check out Geforce NOW Spy to see the entire list of Geforce NOW compatible games currently available on Steam:



Happy bargain hunting!


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