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reviving dead cartridges


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Recently Carnival and Zaxxon stopped working. I cleaned the contacts. Looked at them with flashlight and magnifying glass. They look no different than the games that still work. I get either a black screen, or most like likely the turn console off, etc. one. Can they be recycled if then can't be revived? Thanks!

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What are you using to clean the contacts? I just watched a video where the guy showed cleaning with alcohol compared to a metal polish and it was amazing how much better the contacts looked after using metal polish.

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Becareful what you use, I think polishes like Brasso are OK as they work only as a mild abrasive, but some of the silver polishes work by dissolving a small amount of the surface of the metal, so they'd be something you'd only want to use as a last resort on plated surfaces like edge connectors. 

As far as getting them to work again if the ROMs are toast I don't think there's much you can do aside from replace them with perhaps EPROMs, but I'm hardly an expert on that. 

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