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Screen flickering only when using gamedrive

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Hi, I'm new to the Jaguar and gamedrive so I'm not sure where the issue is. Basically, the Jaguar works fine using cartridges (Cybermorph, Tempest) but when I use the game drive the screen flickers a lot, going black for half a second, then on, off, etc. It's not consistent, sometimes it doesn't flicker for a few seconds then it starts up again

At first it did it on the gamedrive menu screen (but not the QR code screen oddly) and the games loaded from the gamedrive.


I did a firmware update to the latest version and now it doesn't flicker when viewing the games in the gamedrive menu but as soon as the game starts it does, from the startup 'Atari Jaguar' screen onwards. I've tried several games (Baldies, Raiden and Tempest) all the same.


I'm using the AV Scart cable (I'm in UK) that came with the console (I got from eBay so unsure if it's original), it looks decently made although the actual cable is like an old PATA hard drive cable.


I have seen other posts here about the sync on the Jaguar being a bit odd and causing similar issues, but I'm posting it here as it only happens when using the gamedrive.


Does anyone have any ideas?


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Hmm, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Modern TV's (and scalers) are very sensitive to sync variation (which the Jag does suffer from), but why you would get this using the GD and not a regular cartridge is odd. There's nothing the cart can actually do to cause this directly, however it could be a symptom of a very marginal power supply, or caps which are on their way out on the PCB.


My first step would be to get (if you haven't already) a good new PSU for the Jag. Next step if that doesn't help would be getting it re-capped.

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