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evacpad type in game not working

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I tried running the file in PC-BASIC which emulates PCjr Cartridge BASIC and I don't have the program fail on those lines. It seems to fail at line 1520 which starts as


1520 GOSUB 1830:ONT T 

ONT T is likely invalid in all the BASICs I can remember The magazine has line 1520 start as 

J = POINT(SX,SY) which is very different. I can't find another line in the magazine version that includes GOSUB 1830 that might show a transcription error in the line numbers. I find HCM's use of a grid for each character very hard to read so I could easily miss details. The magazine claims also to be version 5.2.1 just like the BAS file. 


What system are you running the file on? A 5150 with DOS 1's BASICA probably won't work. What is the source of the file?


Okay, found the missing line. It is 1820 which should start as GOSUB 1830: ON TX GOSUB and the correct 1520 inserted. There could be other errors. 



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I am running basica through dosbox.   There are still errors in the data statements which define the maps used for each level.   level 2 intermediate and level 3 advanced maps have errors when they are being drawn.  Still getting illegal function call in 1541.


I have another game called cellmates which appears to be running normally however line 600 has a play "V12 ML MB --- " command and when I type play "V12" I get illegal function call.  There is a debugging program for cellmates called bugout which requires you to save the program in ascii format in order to match codes by each line in the magazine with the old that are printed on the screen or printer.





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