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Editor toolbar not working

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For sometime now, the editor usually doesn't react to mouse clicks in the toolbar. I still can format test using hotkeys.


For whatever reason code, links, emoji 😑 etc. are still working (the popup opens). Though links have problems, sometimes the marked text is not detected and I have to try again.


some code


Like I said above, usually code formatting, lists and alignment does not work. But sometimes the buttons for formatting etc. work once and then stop working again.


This is really annoying.


I cleared all cookies, cleared the cache, disabled all extensions...

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28 minutes ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Still Vivaldi. :) 

I installed Vivaldi and I'm using it right now to compose this post.  I have not installed any extensions, and when I first ran the browser I selected the "Essentials" pane on the left.  I have no problems clicking on the editor toolbar buttons, they are working fine.  As this appears to be a browser geared toward privacy, I assume there's some setting that's enabled in the browser that's causing the editor to not work properly. 

Testing formatting buttons:









Quote Test


Font Testing: 


The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.


Those all worked fine by clicking the buttons in the editor.  I would like to know why it's not working for you, though.


Do you have anything else running on your computer that might be interfering with the browser?



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