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Save The Kuin

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Has anyone backed the physical release of Save the Kuin? Action RPG that looks sweet and still some time to back it on Kickstarter. There is a demo on an NRom on the guys site to try it out too.



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I know you post bombed but since you were kind of specific on this one i'll answer it.

LIkely, yes.  Definitely in private hands of the developer/testers.


You'll learn quickly if you look just under the surface of the modern (this century) after market, homebrew, and bootleg market that there is a huge level of two faced hypocrisy and double standards that go on from the lowly cheap seats of a $10 title to a $600 neo geo package.  It's fine to copy, dump, share and spread something made from corporate America, Japan, Europe,(fill in the blank) but if it's something private whether above or below board...it's hard core hidden by gate keeper jerks.  They'd rather protect the value of their limited releases they got as the timing worked for them, they'd rather not break the fragile tolerances of the game makers hence they may quit.  Whatever the excuse there are many to choose from they'll answer with.


Ultimately yes it has been dumped, it is in hands, but where...good luck.  Stuff does eventually creep out.  The horribly costly Star Keeper has had the board recently analyzed and charted, it's a matter of when that one goes public when it gets pulled off the board since the creator has been between absent and just uncaring about letting more people have it so it gets toxic stupid prices on the after market which backs up keeping it out of peoples hands this long...money.

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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, Tanooki said:

horribly costly Star Keeper

This was so limited it is not one I was going to mention. Same with the RetroZone NES titles. Limited as releases by design.

    Save the Kuin is still taking backers. The other titles I am mentioning with posts are still available or preorders for reprints are being taken still. I think there is added value to helping people connect with these titles they may not have known were available. 

    I definitely would have bought a couple of these before I did had they been brought to light on these forums. 

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@neogeo1982 Well there's a brand new level of super drama, twists, mystery around this one... I'm talking crappy "reality" tv style mixed with a seeming ponzi/pyramid scheme thing going over on a thread at VGS.

87arts under another name has resurfaced.


Myself and others have talked to him for days and days now, but ultimately I'm not going to chart this dumpster fire out.  Keeping it pretty short, he seemingly has some health issues and also lost the ability to make more copies of the game on his own or his supplier.  He had been offered by a few members and another offsite (known guy from poland who makes new carts) to make new copies because he needs money and he thinks that his StarKeeper is a very very desirable property with some bucks.  So, he wanted to monetize it the worst way possible.  He designed this huge NFT program.  Not just NFT to sell the graphics for cash, he tied this very strange contract to it.  If you buy the costly NFT you get access to the license of the game, but not the specific game, that can't be re-released, reproduced, no you have to make a NEW game, no re-used assets, and it can be any genre.  It can be Star Keeper SIMs, Star Keeper Duck Hunt, a direct sequel even, just not the original.


That caused a huge arguing(Friendly) dust up, loads of sarcasm, snark, trying to give a reality check that his game has no value other than among the members largely there and the ultra niche few who go after costly slim released homebrew stuff.  That would never get him a living from some NFT they don't buy to then have to have a heavily non-favorable contract to make another game.


At that rate, the polish guy took a look at a real cart charted the entire schematic of the board, chips, pinouts and offered to make new ones for a price profit sharing on it... still denied.  But the schematic is public, I expect bootlegs and a ROM dump to happen in days, months...sometime this year.

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@Tanooki I was unaware of those forums until you referenced them. And in the buy/sell section I think that gentleman's first post for $50k was serious. Only reversing gears a bit when he received backlash. That's a sad and unfortunate state of affairs with NES releases I keep running into. And I see you have run into this as well and even called some of them out on it.

    But if I can find them available or on a preorder status I'm going to post about them on AA. The more communication the better. And a higher probability of a larger title release. I just have to be diligent when researching what is out there and the availability before posting about these homebrews.

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@neogeo1982 No that's Dave a long time friend, it was sarcasm.  He made a genuine offer to the maker, then after having a tentative deal off site, he pulled a 180 from all the conversation on VGS there making feel I guess more comfy doubling down on the NFT.  It went from weird to weirder in the lead up as dave lives in Taiwan and is fluent in mandarin, as is 87arts, yet he wouldn't converse in Chinese and kept using some machine language translator to english which only made things worse.  There's more off there that wasn't part of the thread, it's muddy.


I got fed up with it after a short term trying to work with the whole thing, then when I saw blood in the water I figured go shark ...well, go snark.  You read the thread, and you're right, I had enough so I started calling out the double speak, the double dealing antics, the not wanting to verify who is was, turning his terms around on him as others did as well.  Ultimately he got the PCB (the polish poster that popped in, he's also a big famicom new cart vendor on ebay if you care to figure that out) and made the plans for all to see and doubly hosted it on his site that archives stuff.  If he doesn't copy it, a $10 aliexpress vendor will before too long.  That clown played himself with the NFT and in the end will get not paid and I can't see feeling sorry for him given the totality of the picture there.  When you try and scam the community, some people will see to giving you the ability to sit well from the ass kicking.


I meant it, I'd have paid that guy a fair bit if he weren't being a NFTroll, but now I'll be watching aliexpress (oh the irony all this in China) for the cheap new pcb copies and I'll order it because basically it's a weird version of Balloon Fight's Balloon TripC style play mixed with BF2(Balloon Kid) mechanics too and its own twist.  It's not some amazing A quality title, but it's a good firm B worthwhile for the right price, and expensive NFT to not even get is not the price.

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