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Long shot question about Minix

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I posted this on Atari-Forum, as well. But I was hoping to cast the net a bit wider for some help. Hopefully I get lucky and find an old Minix user.   


It's a question regarding Minix 1.5 for the ST.  

I installed this:


on my 4mb STe hard drive (It's actually a SD2ST.)

Boots up great, works great. I want to use this exclusively for the K&R C compiler. My problem is that none of my files are saved after I shut down the machine.

There is a sync command that you are supposed to do before you logoff, which I do. But next time I try and boot up Minix, the files are gone.

In Minix 1.5, there is a tos command. This brings up how to list the directories, and read and write to the disk drive and hard drive. It seems that I am successful in writing to a disk in Drive A, and I also seem to have been successful writing to Drive D on my hard drive.(I get no error messages.) However, when I go back to the GEM desktop, those files are not there.

Is anybody familiar with Minix enough to help?

Thanks in advance!

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