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Most (all?) Sears titles are just rebadged Atari games, and do tend to be more rare than the Atari lot, especially the picture labels (Sears is usually stock text) as for the white label, if Sears was like atari, I'd hazard a guess its a console pack in game.


Have you done a search through atariage? Many titles and variations are listed here.

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On 3/24/2023 at 6:37 PM, alterdimension said:

hello. ive looked all over and i can't find much if at all, canyon bomber sears picture label, and dodger cars sears picture label, and air sea battle white label. are these rare, or just not much available. any thoughts on this? -alterdimension

I've seen Dodger Cars with a Sears picture label, but not the others.


Sears stuff is a lot harder to come by than regular Atari, and even early Atari stuff.  Especially the ephemera.


Certain things you know logically existed at one time — like boxes and manuals for certain games.  But they simply never turn up anywhere.


Unfortunately, there are people who know that certain Sears things are rare, and would rather they sit in a box in a basement, rather than sell them for a fair price on fleaBay or elsewhere.


I ran into a guy who wanted $500 for a Sears Adventure manual.  He wouldn't go a penny lower, even though they occasionally appear online for $5-$15.  

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Sears picture label Superman is ridiculously rare, but most of the rest aren't too bad. I found them all, except Superman (which I didn't know existed at the time), in the wild back in the 90s, so they are around. Boxes and manuals, though, not so much.

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Speaking as a Canadian collector, Sears stuff is even more rare here because it was never actually sold in this country. Sears Canada did not carry the store-brand games. Anything that turns up here was imported by individuals at some point. 


While I am no longer actively collecting, I started doing so in the early-1990s, just at the very end of the system's commercial life. I found exactly one Sears cartridge -- Target Fun -- around 1994. It was bereft of box and manual. I have never seen any others.


More recently, I saw a Sears Telegames console in a local thrift shop. It caught my attention because the woodgrain pattern was different from the Atari version. There were no Sears-brand games at the store (I thoroughly searched). 



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