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We ​❤️​ Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie

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Happened to notice this coming soon entry for a remastered version of We ❤️ Katamari in the PS store over the weekend.  Release date is to be determined, but it's likely to be early June as that's what I see on other sites like Best Buy.


I loved playing the Katamari games on my PS2 & PS3, so wondered if they'd already remastered Katamari Damacy - they did, back in 2020 for the PS4. Been having fun playing it.

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@Albert received an odd email from AtariAge about this topic. Apparently the forum thinks I posted a question and wants me to mark the best answer using a nonexistent button. 


This has happened once before, on March 6th for this topic: Act now - Playstation Plus Collection going away




Hi SpiceWare, 

There have been replies to your topic, We ❤️ Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie.




Did any of these replies answer your question? There may be more replies than those shown here. 

Help others by going to the topic and use the 'Mark as Solution’ button on the post with the best answer 


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I just wish they were reasling a physical version of the game for the PS4. PS5, XBox, and Switch get physical releases...but not the PS4...bummer. I'm still likely to download it all the same. Maybe LRG or Strictly will get rights to release a physical of the game in the future.


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I bought the remastered Katamari Damacy on XBox X and easily got all the achievements.

Now I need this!


I really do 💖Katamari.


I even still have the Katamari Keychain swag that came with the PS3 Katamari Forever pre-order. It was supposed to light up when near a ringing cell phone, but mine never worked. :(

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