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HSC20 Round 6: Millipede and Season Catch-Up for rounds 1-5

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One of the best games ever, great fun. Play the 1984 Version with title screen animations, supports Trak-Ball too :love: so we'll have a separate bonus table for Trak-Ballers if we get a few posts ;)


fandal's XEX is PAL fixed (also works on NTSC)

atarimania has all the info



As we have a few former HSCers joining in we may as well have a season catch-up for anyone who missed any of the first 5 rounds so post scores here please for some bonus points :)



Round ends Weds the something like the 12th of April 8pm UK time :ponder:

Have fun, all welcome to play ;)


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10 hours ago, AtariSphinx said:

@therealbountybob any particular rules regarding starting score and continues (e.g. start at 0 and no continues)


Fun game!

Yes Start at 0 and no continues :D

p.s. it's only Joystick Mode for Trak-Ball but it plays nicely either way ;)



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16 hours ago, Marius said:



Getting warmed up! But this game is every time so cool again!

He's on fire :o


Not had a session yet but will be starting soon ;)

Here are the first tables


  Player   Score   Points
1st Marius   379,295   12
2nd jk40001   354,049   11
3rd McKong                 348,990   10
4th AtariSphinx   246,521   9
5th graywest   222,123   8
6th RedThunder   204,726   7
7th Dinky2008   164,056   6
8th carlsson   137,798   5
9th Sikor   85,695   4


UPDATED: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/348454-hsc20-current-standings/

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On 4/1/2023 at 3:32 PM, carlsson said:

I wonder if you're playing the same 1984 version as the rest of us, given that the starting score is left justified and the line below about press fire is slightly different.

Oh! You're right - thanks for letting me know. Here's a new score on the 1984 version.


Millipede: 228,718


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Millipede (joystick start at 0): 285,281

Millipede (trackball start at 0): 218,022


Trackball controls really well even though not true trackball mode.  Probably can do better than joystick if had started first with it.



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Emulator question: Is there any requirement to play on NTSC or PAL video mode?  I noticed that the emulator plays the games significantly faster on NTSC mode (especially Millipede).  I live in the U.S. if that matters.


Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I'm a little new at this.  Thanks!

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