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King's Quest box variations


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I've noticed that the Atari ST versions of King's Quest II and III (not sure about I and IV) have two different box variations: one darkish and one the more familiar (on other computers) gold. Anyone have any backstory on this, such as why Sierra decided to do this? Which ones came first? Which are more valuable? Which do you guys like better (I like the dark)? Are the floppies the same regardless of the boxes? I know Sierra did it with KQV with the PC version and probably with VI too.




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Pretty sure the grey boxes are the first editions of the games and I believe they are gatefold as well? I've been on the look out for the darker grey box releases but they command higher prices than I'm willing to spend LOL! The games should play the same but the newer gold releases likely have updated versions that have bug fixes. But I'm not a Sierra historian enough to know those finer details.


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