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*** NEW GAME BY TMOP: NUTS (AKA Fox & Goat) - TI99 port from Atari VCS 2600 ***

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Due to recent celebrations of the 50 years anniversary of Atari, I have discovered some interesting games for the VCS 2600, so I've decided to do some ports for our beloved TI99. 🙂 


The first game is NUTS (AKA Fox & Goat) from TechnoVision. It was released in 1983 in a 8K cart. It seems that there is also an hacked version, called Fox & Goat.


I've tried to create a version that looks and feels like a real conversion of the game done in 80s.


You can dowload and play it right now (please, read first the Read_Me_First!.txt file in the archive).


Since I know that you guys like physical SSS carts, we are working with Greg at arcadeshopper ( @arcadeshopper) to provide a "Collector's Edition", with cart labels, manual and a special version of the game. This special version will have, in addition, a different color schema (similarly to the hacked version) and the ability to add the typical graphical glitches of Atari 2600 games (the black lines at the left of the screen). Of course, this effect looks better if using a CRT screen. ;-) 


Have a lot of fun & Happy Easter! 




Nuts V1.1 (AKA Fox&Goat) (2023)(by TMOP).zip

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11 hours ago, Cheung said:

Nice! What's next on your list of ports?

Thanks! 🙂 


I do not want to unveil the list to not ruin the surprise. 🙂 The next one is ready and should be available for the weekend. If you are coding or thinking of coding some ports on your own, just drop me a pm, so we can be sure to not overlap. ;-) 


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Don't have any plans for any ports - I'll be working on some original titles. Just finished up "They Come At Night" and am working on getting the cartridge image together.

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