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Anyone get an Everdrive Pro yet?

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Both my brother and I purchased an Turbo Everdrive Pro from Krikzz. We are having different experiences with them.

I'm wondering how others are finding the device.

Hucards seems to work fine. CD support is working although audio sync is way off. I can only get CD audio from my PC Engine using the AV booster. TG-16 using a Chinese sold AV booster with RGB and the Genesis 2 port will not produce CD audio. I'm guessing a real Turbo Booster would work, I don't have one.

Using it as a Super System / Arcade card on the TG-CD or PCE-Briefcase works but I've had random lockups in 3X3 eyes and Saphire.

When I switch to the real Arcade card there are no lockups.


My Bros card is not so good. He has all the same issues but there are parts in some CD games where it just crashes back to menu.

As an example Ys after beating the 1st book. Instead of the cool cut scene, it crashes. Problem confirmed as his card as we've tested between are two cards, sd cards, and different hardware. He is using a supergrafx and that does produce audio from the DIN. I'm guessing the supergrafx and core have the booster built in.


Wondering how others are finding the Everdrive Pro.






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Guess I dodged a bullet with it not functioning with DUO systems (I originally wanted one to get around a flaky disc drive, but alas, that won't work).


To people with devices that can utilize them, I hope these reported issues get fixed as generally Krikzz's stuff is top notch.

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