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Them's Be Fight'n Cars First Look

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With little Fan Fare, this is what I have been working on since February in my spare time.

Simple mechanics game play and options.
I am still honing it, as I have said in the past but I did not think at the time that it had enough content to warrant selling it.
But, not only will you be getting a game on cartridge, instructions and a box I have also picked up more collectors coin blanks for laser etching my logo on one side with the game graphic on the other.  It comes in a plastic coin holder as well.  Brass at 40mm.


Sound is being worked on, collisions are off for this demo except for missiles hitting walls.


Over 10,000 lines of hand written assembly.

Without further poo poo, here is the video.





Comments?  Concerns?


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Posted (edited)

It was not received well and referred to as Dodge'em so it will come after Shamus.

It has some of the most advanced programing on a Colecovision along with pattern missiles, multiple tracks and vehicle varieties.
But, I want to release a game that will wow and not meh...  An engineer might see art where as a gamer only sees a game.

Warlords is complete which I am pairing with an adapter for Atari Paddles for up to 4 players or two players through Coleco controllers but most of the hardware side of my projects is still lingering in China.


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