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I turned on my Vectrex today and the display was flashing.  Eventually, the display went out and now I only get sound.  I turned it on again later and the same thing happened.  I don't think I have the technical ability to fix this.  Is there somewhere I could send this in for repair?

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Hey Noah98,


Sounds like an issue with the -13v supply - possibly the power switch or something on the power board (maybe caps).


PM me if you're still looking for someone to repair it - I've repaired a good number of them.





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So I have one that behaves just like this. It's been recapped recently, and tends to work for quite a while. But at some point after it's been running for a while. the screen just goes blank. There's no white dot, and the game continues to run and function with sound.


If I let it sit powered off for around 10 minutes or more, the same thing repeats. Works great till it the screen goes blank again.


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Often it's the power switch...one pole connects which allows the logic board to work, but the other pole has a bad connection and so the screen won't come on.


(Not in this case, but might be useful if anyone else has a similar problem)

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