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Sword of Saros and Survival Island


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Since the last two Starpath games didn't come in cassette boxes (or game boxes for that matter), has anyone ever made a Starpath-style cassette box insert or a game box for these games?

I have all the Starpath cassettes in a box that holds exactly a dozen cassettes, but the last two look dopey with handwritten cassette inserts. I kinda want to make some similar inserts for those games that I could print out on my printer, but if someone's already done it, I'd rather take advantage of their expertise.




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A couple of years ago at CinciClassic, Snider-man was selling some repros of Starpath games and all of them had what appeared to be custom cassette sleeves. I'm not sure if he produced them or someone else. I took a picture of the Sword of Saros and Survival Island ones for you to see. They look pretty good!


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