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Mass Storage Recommendations

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So I have a Atari MEGA ST4 that has a additional 8MB monSTer memory board with a IDE disk controller from Alan Hourihane.


I was wondering if that is the best solution for mass storage or is a external UltraSatan a better option or is there something else i should look into?


Reason I ask is the IDE controller that plugs into the MEGA ST bus is very loose and if it's not sitting perfect then it does not detect my IDE2SD or DVDRW drives.



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2 hours ago, Jfcatari said:

The Ultrasatan is great (I have two of them). 


There also also other devices available if you look around, some using the STM32 board and there is a new one that uses a PICO PI

i have seen both of those, but i thought I read somewhere that they do have stability issues.  Does anyone here have one of the STM32 or Pico variants that can comment?

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I started with the Satandisk then worked my way up through the Ultrasatan.


I've got 2 now, one in my STacy and one in my Mega STe. The one in my STacy

has been in there for years, through fairly heavy usage.


I've had absolutely -0- stability issues.


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