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1 hour ago, mimo said:

@therealbountybob did I need to post a score as well as how far I progressed? oops

No  I just messed out out M !!! Will fix! OK perhaps you didn't post - please give me some idea from the first post how far you got?! score not too important. I'm assuming everyone tried to collect all the lanterns ;)


54 minutes ago, invisible kid said:

Tried sneaking a score in on Return of Fury, but was two sheets to the wind! Good fun following along though!

glad you took part, even if it was invisibly :D

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real final tables

- please check your progress on the first post re points awarded and let me know if I've got it wrong ;)

Still Congratulations to rdrunner and McKong who are the joint winners and completed all 3 games :thumbsup:


  Bruce Lee    
  Player Score Pts
1st McKong                 12
2nd rdrunner (114,425)   12
3rd AtariSphinx   9
4th therealbountybob   9
5th jk40001   9
6th graywest   9
7th Deteacher   9
8th tompateus   9
9th Sikor   6
10th MichaG   5
11th carlsson   4
12th Marius   3
13th Dinky2008   3
14th RedThunder   2
15th mimo                       2



  Eel Ecurb    
  Player   Pts
1st Deteacher   3
2nd rdrunner   3
11th McKong                 3
3rd therealbountybob   3
4th graywest   1



  Revenge of Fury    
  Player Lamps Pts
1st rdrunner 94 5
2nd McKong               94 5
3rd graywest 79 3
4th therealbountybob 49 2
5th MichaG 44 2
6th jk40001 31 2
7th invisible kid ?! 1
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