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Scan Doublers and Flicker-Fixers: Period-Appropriate

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I'm building out my "man-cave" and trying to decide what screen I'm going to use on my 16-bit table.  It's either a low scan-rate RGB monitor or an SVGA monitor with a scan-doubler.  I want to stay with something that might have been reasonably available to a home consumer during the 16-bit era.  Advice and opinions appreciated.

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39 minutes ago, pixelmischief said:

Amiga 1200

There are several external SD/FF for the Amiga RGB port.  The ToastScan was my only unit for a long time, and there appear to have been a couple of knock-offs during the time.  I still have it and a Scandex as a spare.  A problem with the external SD/FF is they often required tuning, and the tuning would not be great until they warmed up (though often quickly.)  My ToastScan was like that with my 1200, but always perfect with my 1000... YMMV.  Oh, and they run very hot.


Otherwise, pick up any Commodore RGB monitor.  Your best bet for best results, though not era-appropriate, is to find an Indivision AGA.  They pop up from time-to-time on eBay, but iComp has new units available. (V3 units look pretty awesome, if a little pricey.)  They provide both SVGA and DVI output.


Here is a good resource: http://amiga.resource.cx/dir/ff


Check AmiBay for p2p sales, and, of course, AmigaKit for new stuff, too.

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