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Thoughts about a new atari bbs software?


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I can’t tell if you are being cheeky or serious…


from what i understand bbs express (which i did actually buy and run back in the day) can be endlessly modified down to prompt levels - but it never really captured my interest as much as carina/oasis or even forem 1030/marshware… with the hardware mods that are available these days with atari i just thought perhaps there might be some things that could be done now that could not be done back in the day… 


total apologies if i asked a stupid question… certainly was not my intent.

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There are quite a few "emulated" Atari BBS's out there, almost all 8bit, but

there's still Atari BBS's running on real hardware. Check the list below.




Advancement's over the last few years in the Atari scene do help quite a bit.


DarkForce! is  running on a Mega ST with:


4 megs of RAM

AdSpeed accelerator (16mhz/cache)

Cloudy TOS decoder (TOS v2.06 and EmuTOS, switchable)

Lightning ST mod - can give IDE but I'm using it for the superb USB support. Just

                            pop in a SD card do file backup/transfer with ease.

ICD's Link 2

4 Gig SCSI hard drive


SyQuest EZ135 SCSI removable

Audio mod - brings the ST sound out to external speakers - no need to leave the monitor

                   on all the time for sound.

RSVE mod - standard serial port bumped up to 38.4k speed.

WiModem232 - awesome device!

PicoWiFi - for faster wireless file transfer.

Atari SC1224 monitor (JVC brand - the view is good).


I use HDDriver v11.x and ExtenDOS by Anodyne Software for the CD-ROM.




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