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*** NEW GAME BY TMOP: BEAT'EM & EAT'EM (AKA Philly Flasher) - TI99 port from Atari VCS 2600 ***


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The second game port from Atari VCS 2600 is Beat'Em & Eat'Em (AKA Philly Flasher) from Mystique/PlayAround. It was released in 1982 in a 4K cart.

There is also a variant, called Philly Flasher. The game uses paddles.


This is an "adult" game. After 40 years from the initial release, now the graphics/animations look anything but "erotic". The pixel art now inspire a grotesque sense of humor... 🙂 


Furthermore, the games in this category are not well-known for their gameplay. I've tried to create a version that looks and feels like a real conversion of the game done in 80s and modified the gameplay to be more enjoyable. Practically, the original game was a clone of the Kaboom concept and that was/is a nice game to play... ;-) 


You can dowload and play it right now (please read first the Read_Me_First!.txt file in the archive). Note that there is also included a "experimental" version with sprites rotation routine that works better on CRT monitor.


Also for this game, there will be a physical SSS carts: we are working with Greg at @arcadeshopper to provide a "Collector's Edition", with cart labels, manual and will have, in addition to Beat'Em & Eat'Em, also the Philly Flasher variant.

Greg should be able to accept the preorders in short.



Have a lot of fun!



Finally, many thanks to Joe ( @Retrospect) for his "adults" games on the TI, that were surely an inspiration for this conversion... 🤣




Beat'Em&Eat'Em (AKA Philly Flasher) (2023)(by TMOP).zip

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