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Sorting: looking for a better algorithm


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10 hours ago, TheBF said:

And here is a version that assembles with the default TI Assembler. You will have to un-comment the BLWP line and the two below. 

Or you simply LWPI the workspace you want Quicksort to run with, then LWPI the workspace you came from back again, when it's time to return. The reason I used BLWP was that at the time, I didn't know where Pascal had its main workspace. Thus I couldn't just do LWPI PASCALWS before returning.

Now I know it's at 8380H.


The orginal program is written to assemble with the assembler that's provided with the p-system. The CPU is of course the same, but the p-system's assembler contains some directives to interface with the p-systems code pool handler.

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7 hours ago, Vorticon said:

I just updated the code in the earlier post with the posted suggestions but did not do further testing. I do plan on converting it to assembly for use in XB since it's so short. 

How many items are you sorting?  Bubble sort can suck even in Assembly language on a large data set. :) 

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