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Atari TT030 SCSI resistor blocks

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Hi there,

Does anyone know the default resistor block configuration for the TT030? Mine has had past lives, things have been done to it, internal hard disks added and removed. I have no resistor blocks in place near the SCSI chip. I am trying to integrate a BlueSCSI v2 which isn't working. Figured if I got things back to "stock", I'd try from there.

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If you have multiple devices, the terminator block should be on the last device in the chain only.


I just checked an old hard drive and a 68 pin terminator block I have and they measure 180 Ohms,

so it seems anything around 180 to 330 Ohms will do

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On 4/20/2023 at 3:37 AM, mikecad said:

Many thanks, I'll order the three and take it from there!

Did you get it to work?

The bluescsi V2 is it internal? 50pin or external DB25. I am trying to get my external Bluescsi V2 working on my TT and no luck so far.. Term out or in.



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I'm installing a BlueScsi in my Mega STE tonight.  Though I was hoping to find a good internal PiSCSI so I can run the version Uwe is contributing to.  But that will have to be after next payday. :)


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