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"Reverse Hyperkin" adapter available

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I noticed when I was streaming a couple days ago Splatterhouse that the colors seemed to me to be off.  I got a full color picture that was altered when you pulled the CB and CR cables from the YCbCr connection.


I use a ycbcr adapter that's made for the PC engine.  I guess it was sold that way so it could be sold to more machines because the back pins could also be used for the turbo graphics but if not plugged in right there could be distorted colors.


I understand the Turbo Grafx has more pins in the back than the PC engine.


Is there such a thing as a PC engine power booster to Turbo graphics console adapter?  


It is it would be going in the exact opposite direction of the hyperkin adapter that lets you plug a US HDMI adapter into a PC engine.


Just wondering if one exists and what the price of one of them is.  I assume it's just a physical fitting pin swap adapter at the most complex.

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