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On 4/28/2023 at 10:07 PM, graywest said:

I haven't played this version of Wing War, but I think it started as a 2600 game (that Imagic only released in Europe). The 2600 instructions might help a little, but I'm not sure how much of a difference there is between the ports:


Read the first page everyone - there are Fire Water and Air crystals and you can create a super crystal oooooooooooooooooooh :!:

Sounds quite decent as there is also a Diamond to be had.... NOW you ARE interested ;)


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Another week, another port of an arcade game I've never played.  :) Joust seems to have a steep learning curve, but it's been fun so far.  I know Joust came first, but it reminds me of arcade Mario Bros.  Same screen structure and goals, just add birds.

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15 hours ago, Marius said:

Dinky and I played also in 2 player game on Novice level just for the fun.


Here she is also much better than me. We stopped the game because we were getting little bit bored. 


Dinky2008: 454350

Marius: 400400


Novice is a bit easy - try on a harder skill level perhaps next tine! Hope you are jousting each other on the Gladiator wave to get the bonus ;)


Getting some tables sorted now...

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Reminder this round ends Weds 8pm UK time - Wing Wars merits some more play time to investigate, it might be a good game?! so we can extend the round if needed :ponder:


first tables

Most of us are playing on Advanced but Skilled is ok too - great score Dinky2008 :thumbsup:

if you've played on both I'll use the Advanced score even if it is lower (AtariSphinx has 394,450 on skilled) :!:

various bonus points for 2 player goes...



1st Dinky2008   340,850 1 12 13
2nd therealbountybob   265,400   11 11
3rd AtariSphinx   212,500   10 10
4th McKong                 211,000   9 9
5th Marius   207,000 1 8 9
6th tompateus   201,000   7 7
7th Deteacher   174,650   6 6
8th graywest   119,000 1 5 6
9th MichaG   108,750 2 4 6
10th carlsson   62,650   3 3
11th jblenkle   53,600   2 2




1st AtariSphinx 120,050 1pt


JOUST PTERRY CHALLENGE bonus point for the most but must be at lest 2 ;)

1st therealbountybob 1
2nd tompateus 1



1st AtariSphinx 900 4pts
2nd carlsson 600 3
11th graywest 550 2
3rd therealbountybob 300 1
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5 hours ago, Marius said:

@therealbountybob We already played on Skilled together. But we were curious about Novice and we did want to play it. We already shared our 2 player scores on Skilled but we were amazed by our 400k scores and the fact that we had so many lives left that we probably would habe gone on forever haha. 

Very good indeed :thumbsup: Looks like Advanced is next!


Had a few 2 player go with Silver Unicorn who has not ever played much Atari, she had fun (whether she liked it or not) and got a few eggs and birds but mainly fell into the drink :D


I also played on Expert: 92,450 more to come there :)



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On 4/27/2023 at 12:25 AM, carlsson said:

I probably commented on this last time we played Joust, but rather interesting to see that the Commodore 64 has more than a dozen unique Joust clones, while it appears (at least from Atarimania) that the Atari 8-bit only has this game. Was Atari as a publisher that dominant that nobody bothered to clone or enhance it? Indeed the Atarisoft version on the C64 never was released IIRC but only leaked out the other year so the market was more open. I'm sure there are a few more examples of this kind. While the A8 in general has a smaller library than the C64, usually the difference isn't quite as striking as 16-1.



there was a german type-in listing named "Straußenkampf" by Oliver Cyranka. The game was written in Atari Basic, so goodbye to fast speed and errmm, it is "somewhat" simpler than the original game, but still quite playable for novice and amateur(ish) players like me. Besides, "Strauß" means ostrich and "Kampf" means battle, thus the game is named ostrich battle. But errrm, an ostrich cannot fly!


Think there are a few more PD clones, but do not remember their names. And there is also a Chip-8 game named "Joust23" and since we have a Chip-8 emulator by Pirx, we can also play that on the A8. We also have an Apple II emulator for the A8, but afaik no-one converted an Apple disk with Joust into ATR format to be played with that emulator (besides it would be very slow and the Apple II emulator requires 128k RAM and seperate Antic access).



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On 5/4/2023 at 7:36 PM, therealbountybob said:


No poll for Round 9 as things are afoot :D



6 hours ago, McKong said:

Wing Wars 1700

Did you get anywhere with the crystal collection - I think it auto drops them on the first screen on the right hand platform when you go past it. Will try and get in another session tomorrow evening.  If anyone wants to extend this round please let me know before tomorrow evening's deadline ;)


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Advanced 218,000

Expert 94,950


Yeah...upon further review, I don't like this game.  There is very little margin for error and the extra lives are practically meaningless.  One death at the wrong moment usually wipes them all out.


Guess I'll stick with Mario Bros. :)


 image.png.981c8bc835ea1a389245aefb3a3eb703.png image.png.51f61393d759b3a16eec80f1346ab865.png

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