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In development: Caramujo - The game about Snail for Atari 2600.


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This game is a mix of a platformer with adventure and strategy, and in one part of the game, there is some sort of shooting involved.

In the first three levels, the snail must reach the key to unlock the platform that will transport it over a gap to the other side so that it can proceed to the next level of the game. In the fourth level, the key unlocks a butterfly that carries the snail to shoot at a bee in the next stage, with the aim of hitting the key that needs to be pushed towards the snail to pick up. That's what I'm currently working on in this level, i.e., building the game.

So, what is unique about this game, and maybe even original, is that the snail is slow, but its jumps are not, so while playing the game, you don't have the feeling that the snail is slow.


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TOMORROW on ZeroPage Homebrew


ZeroPage Homebrew is playing the Exclusive World Premiere of Caramujo on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!





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