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Who here was a fan of Flash gaming back in the 2000's? I loved playing Fly the Copter (I had this embedded on my MySpace lol!), Springfield Snow Fight, Pingu Throw, Vector Runner, Santa Artois, Line Rider, REDDER, and so many others! What were some of your favorite games? Do you still play any?


I've recently gotten back into it. I put a few of my favorites on my board, but finding them can be a challenge. Anyone know of a good source for downloading the .swf files?

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6 hours ago, MrMaddog said:

Just get BlueMaxima's Flashpoint which lets you download any Flash and Shockwave game off the Internet Archive and play it on a current Windows PC.


Plus it keeps your browser free of any Flash's security risk.


(I'm using it to play Super Mario Crossover again... :) )


Thanks, that's really cool. While I wouldn't say it has "any" Flash game (What, no "Slap That Ho!" lol), it has tons. Had quite a lot of fun with it earlier, but is there a way to save games or high scores? Gonna mess with it more tomorrow.

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