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Der Schränker 3 (ASC 2023)

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This year again I want to participate in the ABBUC software contest and therefore I have programmed the next part of my game "Der Schränker".
Currently my game is in the test, whether it can be admitted... I hope so 🙂


I have already posted a video of my game in the ABBUC forum during the development. If you don't know it yet, here is the link to the video:



I also wrote a small presentation for my game. Maybe you like it:




PS: DeepL helped me with the translation into english 🙂 

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20 minutes ago, Kveldulfur said:



Since the ABBUC currently only has the German instructions for the game, here is a link to the English instructions:





Thanks for this. I immediately used it for the English edition of Sondermagazin 53.

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53 minutes ago, Steril707 said:

Really nice... Get some Platoon vibes from this... :)


Yes, of course I know the game Platoon on the C64 🙂
It was also the inspiration for my jungle. But I created the jungle myself, which you should also recognise. It's just very similar.
The caves and the gameplay there is again inspired by Montezuma's Revenge and contains elements from Mr. Robot.
Even though I incorporated elements from other games, the game is still something of its own in my opinion.
I hope you enjoy the game.

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Fantastic, I love this game! I was longing for a game like this in the A8 platform! It reminds me of Sabre Wulf from the ZX Spectrum fame, but I must say that this game is far superior than that older one, with improved controls, nice and engaging gameplay and a welcome touch of humor! Congrats to @Kveldulfur, you're awesome!

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 ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Der Schränker 3 on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch highlighting all the incredible ABBUC 2023 entries! Hope you can join us for part 1 tomorrow!




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On 10/1/2023 at 7:43 PM, Kveldulfur said:

One more little info:


There will be two versions of the game after the contest:
- for ATARI XL/XE with German texts
- for ATARI 5200 (compatible to 64k Super Cart) with English texts


PAL and NTSC are supported

Can you please also convert the first two to the 5200?

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Hello, @Kveldulfur

Der schanker 3, 5200 version bug,

If you press map button (#) on 5200 version, while in a cave, to bring up the map, the game will end up crashing. Map works just fine outside in jungle area, but will crash the game if You are inside a cave. 

And also, this is a really cool game, really like it. Thanks for putting it on the 5200.


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