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Compute! Magazine Type-In programs nostaliga

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Hi Team,


Back in the day, my parents bought me a close-out TI99/4a from sears which was heavily discounted.   Up to that time, I had collected folders of Type In programs for different computers,  Pages that I tore out of the magazine, in anticipation of some day owning 'something'....   


Some of those games I typed in were found:

Goblin, Compute! Issue #38 page 64
Gold Miner, Compute Issue #39 page 113


My question, has anyone made a video of the 'Compute!' series of type-in games for the TI?


I'd love to see them again...  

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2 hours ago, OriginalJohn said:

Crazy Climber .. what?  I guess I missed some issues.



That was a good one. I remember that one which was a blast to play.

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That's great - thank you, though it looks like some games are missing (gold miner).   I want to say (if memory serves) that at some point, they had some sort of checksum program that would run on the code and point out mistakes because they moved to representing code by a list of (what I thought was) hex statements.  but whatever, that video takes me back!

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Here are 3 disks:



"Gold Miner.dsk", also has a .txt file with the source code.


"Games 13" has:

     ASTER-BELT  10  PGM   2450  U  Asteroid Belt
     ASTEROIDS   19  PGM   4789  U  Asteroids
     CANNIBALS   23  PGM   5747  U  Cannibals
     CHRISTMAS   19  PGM   4704  U  Christmas Scene
     CLOSEOUT    16  PGM   4031  U  Closeout
     COPYCAT      9  PGM   2248  U  Copy Cat
     CRAZYCLIMB  17  PGM   4289  U  Crazy Climber
     FLAKATTACK  17  PGM   4100  U  Flak Attack
     ROADRUNNER  16  PGM   3952  U  Road Runner
     VICTSEWERS  25  PGM   6220  U  Victorian Sewers
     YELLOWSUB   34  PGM   8526  U  Yellow Submarine

"Games 27" has:

     ABBA         4  PGM    833  U  Abba
     AIRDEFENSE  22  PGM   5465  U  Air Defense
     ARCHIVIO    19  PGM   4781  U  Archiver  [Ita]
     CLOSEOUT    16  PGM   4031  U  Closeout
     COPYCAT      9  PGM   2248  U  Copycat
     GALAXYII    25  PGM   6254  U  Galaxy II
     GOBLIN      10  PGM   2374  U  Goblin
     SUPERCHASE  14  PGM   3571  U  Super Chase


Gold Miner.zip Games 13 [req XB].dsk Games 27 [req XB].dsk

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