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West Bank (Bank Panic clone)


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Here is a new conversion from the ZX Spectrum, but this time with a much better result than Through the Trap Door. West Bank is a conversion itself from the arcade game Bank Panic. You need to prevent bandits from robbing your bank, while taking care not to shoot the good guys.



Thanks to Paul Maddern for his ZX Spectrum disassembly (https://github.com/pobtastic/westbank), which made this possible.


The music, which is not in the Spectrum game, was added by me.


The game is released as a 64K un-inverted cartridge, and requires 32K RAM expansion.

Keyboard controls:
1 - Fire at target 1
2 - Fire at target 2
3 - Fire at target 3
O - Move to the left (only possible when no doors are open)
P - Move to the right (only possible when no doors are open)
Z - Pause
X - Resume game

Joystick controls:
Left + Fire   - Fire at target 1
Center + Fire - Fire at target 2
Right + fire: - Fire at target 3
Left          - Move to the left (only possible when no doors are open)
Right         - Move to the right (only possible when no doors are open)

Source code: https://github.com/Rasmus-M/westbank


In theory it would be possible to redraw the graphics to take advantage of the 9918A bitmap mode. I did try to colorize one of the characters and run the results through Convert9918, but the results were so bad I gave up. If anyone is interested in giving it a try, and is more successful than me, we could look at including the results in a version 2.

westbank.rpk westbank8.bin

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13 minutes ago, Asmusr said:

Ecco una nuova conversione dallo ZX Spectrum, ma questa volta con un risultato decisamente migliore rispetto a Through the Trap Door. West Bank è una conversione stessa del gioco arcade Bank Panic. Devi impedire ai banditi di rapinare la tua banca, facendo attenzione a non sparare ai bravi ragazzi.



Grazie a Paul Maddern per il suo disassemblaggio di ZX Spectrum (https://github.com/pobtastic/westbank), che lo ha reso possibile.


La musica, che non è nel gioco Spectrum, è stata aggiunta da me.


Il gioco viene rilasciato come cartuccia non invertita da 64K e richiede un'espansione di 32K RAM.

Codice sorgente:  https://github.com/Rasmus-M/westbank


In teoria sarebbe possibile ridisegnare la grafica per sfruttare la modalità bitmap del 9918A. Ho provato a colorare uno dei personaggi e a eseguire i risultati tramite Convert9918, ma i risultati sono stati così pessimi che ho rinunciato. Se qualcuno è interessato a fare un tentativo e ha più successo di me, potremmo cercare di includere i risultati in una versione 2.

westbank.rpk 23,59KB · 1 download westbank8.bin 64KB · 1 download

Thanks Rasmus for this conversion! I loved the arcade original, (titled Bank Panic) and the later clone, West Bank.. another fantastic conversion to add to your portfolio, present in all self-respecting TI99s. Immense Rasmus!✌🏻

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Some more information about the game:


About the phases


The main game runs in 18 phases divided into two days. For each phase there will be more and tougher bandits, and the speed will increase (the game actually has a delay loop). Day one consists of the phases 1-9, and at the end one day one it will become dusk and then night. Day two consists of phases 10-18, the bandits are already as tough as they can get, and only the speed increases. At the end of phase 18 you will be rewarded a sheriff star, and the game continues until you run out of lives.


About the characters

gfx_character_0a.png.f43d179c95376ac9e4e07ede07d8c7ce.png Daisy, the beautiful daughter of the City jeweler, always loaded with money - never hurt her.

gfx_character_03.png.a573bb9aea7d6b425dd8c29827a408d7.png Green Jordan - The farmer. The untiring worker who goes to the bank to put in his savings. You should not shoot him.

gfx_character_1b.png.d8038f05e31e307d4924a0e505196390.png Bowie, the dwarf. He is a constant practical joker. Make holes in his hats but take care that the bottom hat doesn't conceal a bomb or you will lose a life.

gfx_character_00.png.0c51a074f8e0aa2b5bca19572ea303fb.png Jack Vicious, the sponging swindler of the West. Don't hesitate - shoot whenever you see his face.

gfx_character_08.png.5dca4ea4f5b8103b487a0e689d071654.png Mackeyham, the bloodthirsty villain. Everyone trembles when they come up against him. Don't hesitate or it might be too late, shoot as quickly as you can.

gfx_character_10.png.236091adea6ed8f147b44b6458d4be40.png Alfred Dalton, a real baddie. Shoot as soon as he takes out his gun!

gfx_character_12.png.2c9bab35b7e6453e7bbefc5724590f0e.png Joe Dalton, Alfred Dalton's brother, it runs in the family, shoot as soon as he takes out his gun.

gfx_character_24.png.0ae0f07cfef6d21a32c8e637e94f62f3.png Julius, the dandy. He is a box of surprises; he may give you a bag of gold or he might shoot you. Take things very carefully with this one.


There is a ninth mystery character (actually 2). Wait and see what he does then eliminate him as soon as you can!


About the music

  • Black and White Rag by George Botsford.
  • Chrysanthemum Rag by Scott Joplin.

Both were entered into Mod2PSG2 from sheet music, saved in EPSGMOD format, and the converted to a format suitable for my TI module player. 




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As far as I have the skills in game play, I really enjoy everything in this game!

Good music, good graphic and fast key respons, everything is smooth.

I have missed this kind of game on the TI, it's on my favourite game list to be played many times!

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I was about to suggest you can lift the graphics from the MSX or SG-1000 version of Bank Panic, but those don't have the exact same characters. In particular the guy with the hats is not present. The next best choice would be to redraw/recolor them using the C64 graphics but that version most likely runs in 160x200 multicolor mode which you have very little use of when it comes to VDP graphics.


Btw, I made the music for the Intellivision version of Bank Panic which was released almost two years ago. I based the music on VGZ versions of the arcade game, plus the title tune from SG-1000 plus that I added my own version of The Rag-Time Millionaire (Irving Jones 1900).

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1 hour ago, retroclouds said:

Plays great in js99er on my ipad with keyboard.

In fact, I think it’s the first game I’ve seen that runs so well. Because you basically just have to use keys 1-3. Well done!

Surely you also need the O and P keys to get anywhere 🙂.

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Actually the C64 original (??) version of West Bank seems to have started off as a project to make a proper port of Bank Panic, but for various reasons it went from official port to a clone. GTW64 has an article on the subject, I believe.

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The "Sprite" gunman! Ver. 0.2

I want to try to make a Gunman that draw his gun, but can I do that within the limitations... Maybe make a game that as soon as he looks at you he will draw and shoot you... and you have so so much time to react in time... But that is in the future... IF I can do what I want... Inspired by this game. I tried to "fix" the Spectrum pics to see how easy/difficult it would be to make it fit the TI... The colour is hard to get around, but with Sprites, maybe.

This is my first try... Will make my own tread for this!

Skinn colour... can not find it, hehe... So this is Mr. G. Host!


110 CALL COLOR(14,15,1)

500 CALL CHAR(128,"0E1120408183FFFF")
510 CALL CHAR(129,"7088040281C1FFFF")
520 CALL CHAR(130,"00000000001C2241")
530 CALL CHAR(131,"0000000000384482")
540 CALL CHAR(132,"80808040300C0300")
550 CALL CHAR(132,"80808040300C0300")
560 CALL CHAR(133,"010101020C30C000")

590 CALL CHAR(136,"003F7FFFC3C3FFFF")
610 CALL CHAR(138,"FEFF7F707F7F3F0F")

670 CALL CHAR(96,"0000000018000000")
680 CALL CHAR(97,"0000000030000000")
690 CALL CHAR(98,"000000000C000000")

1000 CALL HCHAR(10,10,128)
1010 CALL HCHAR(10,11,129)
1020 CALL HCHAR(10,9,130)
1030 CALL HCHAR(10,12,131)
1040 CALL HCHAR(11,9,132)
1050 CALL HCHAR(11,12,133)

2000 CALL HCHAR(11,10,136)
2010 CALL HCHAR(11,11,137)
2020 CALL HCHAR(12,10,138)
2030 CALL HCHAR(12,11,139)

2990 I=INT(RND*3)+1

3000 CALL SPRITE(#1,95+I,2,81,73)
3001 CALL SPRITE(#2,95+I,2,81,81)
3002 FOR DEL=1 TO 500 :: NEXT DEL
3010 CALL DELSPRITE(#1,#2)

5000 GOTO 2990



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More info!
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On 5/4/2023 at 9:51 PM, Asmusr said:

I'm curious if anyone has tried to play the game and what you think about it?


Direct link to play the game on JS99'er:

https://js99er.net/#/cart/west bank

Just run once (not so much spare time in these days...), although is enough for me to tell you that I like it! 🙂 It's immediate, playable and with the music, so enhanced if compared to the original Spectrum version. Since it's a direct conversion from Spectrum, I don't think is essential to recolor the characters, also because this enhancement is not at zero costs and I can bet that nobody here will provide the final gfx.

Moreover, I cannot understand why there are so few downloads, if compared to the number of views of the thread. This surely is not the best way to show the appropiate support and appreciation for the work done by a developer... 


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  • 2 months later...

Version 2 is here!

Due to a huge effort by Ciro @ti99iuc, and a bit of work by me, we are proud to present a new version with all graphics recolored to utilize the potential of the 9918A bitmap mode. And more, because Ciro has also drawn a new title screen and new screens for level selection and the duel. Attached is also a cartridge label made by Ciro.

One of the few changes to the gameplay is that the random routine has been made a bit more random, meaning, for instance, that you will see the bandit appearing behind Daisy more often.

I suggest to play the game on the keyboard (1, 2, 3, O , P) since the joystick control is a bit awkward. Requires a 32K memory expansion and a ROM cartridge, e.g. FinalGROM 99, to run.




westbank-v2.rpk westbank-v2-8.bin

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