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Looking for a list of JungleTac games with pictures or videos.

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Hi. I used to own a bunch of dedicated video game consoles, but over the years I've lost all of them. I know the identity of most of them, one I'm uncertain about and one remains totally unidentified.


The one I'm uncertain about is the Adventure Racing Set by 200 Toy. The reason is that some of the games and colour palettes don't seem familiar, but perhaps I'm simply remembering wrong. I saw it in a Sears catalog and got it for Christmas in 2005 IIRC.


But this topic is about the totally unidentified console. I don't recall anything about its design, other than it was powered with AA batteries and had two RCA plugs. It was made in the mid 2000's. And, I recently learned that the games on it were made by JungleTac for the VTxx platform, which is a series of souped-up NES computers. I've watched a lot of videos on youtube of consoles containing JungleTac games, and sometimes the game selection comes really close to the one that was on mine, but there's always a difference here and there...


So, I'd like to have a list of all the games JungleTac made for VTxx hardware, with pictures or better yet, videos. I'd only keep the games that look familiar, and then I'd use that information to identify the console I had. There were about 42 games on it IIRC.

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