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New Atari 5200 Prototypes


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Thanks to the generosity of John Hardie @cx2k I'm happy to release several new Atari 5200 prototypes.  All of these roms are slightly earlier versions, but I haven't been able to determine exactly what's different about most of them.  Many of them are dated only a few days earlier so the differences are most likely very small (cope optimizations, obscure bug fixes, etc.).  If anyone can tell what's different about these protos please let me know!


Choplifter 1-13-84 - Seems to be very close to the known 1-4-84 proto.  The only real differences I saw were the copyright on the splash screen says 1983 and there is no demo.  I also found out that the unknown Choplifter prototype I had that I assumed was the final is actually slightly different.  I'll attach it here as well.


Gremlins 5-15-84 - Dated only two days before the final (5-17-84), but has some different bytes here and there


Millipede 1-4-84 - An early version of Milllipede, but has some byte differences from the documented 1-5-84 version (http://www.atariprotos.com/5200/software/millipede/1584.htm)


Stargate 1-13-84 - This is an interesting proto. It's very close to the known 'final version' (1-5-84), but despite being dated over a week later it seems to actually be an earlier proto.  It has some differences on the options screen and is missing the copyright and demo. (http://www.atariprotos.com/5200/software/stargate/11384.htm)


I'm also attaching some of my prototypes which I believe have already been released, but are very close in date to the new protos.  Maybe they'll help people find some differences?

Gremlins 5-15-84.bin Millipede 1-4-84.bin Choplifter 1-13-84.bin Choplifter (Unknown).bin Stargate 1-13-84.bin Stargate 1-5-84.bin Millipede 1-5-84.bin

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