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Saving/Loading Screen Data


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So I am not sure if this is possible at the scale I am trying. 

I am using Superchip but am not opposed to using a different method but essentially I was using the playfield to draw a waveform that would essentially be about 20-30 playfield pixels high and as wide as the screen. The user would be able to toggle between 4 screens and essentially customize the waveform on each screen. 

The only solution I could think of is perhaps shorten the length of a waveform and split the screen into 1/4ths so I don’t have to “load” a screen. 

I had seen this thread that said drawing using pfpixel on DPC+ was possible but had not tried, as I thought that was a no go from the start. But if that was possible then I could split the screen horizontally and not have to worry about changing screens. 

The only other thing I would then have to figure out is how to best “read” the waveform, as I would have to check the peaks of each line and have it play each frame. 

None of this may be doable but this just got my brain working a bit this morning…

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