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Alien Abduction - new Atari 2600 game by John Van Ryzin (H.E.R.O.)


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As a big surprise, John van Ryzin (the designer/programmer of H.E.R.O. for the Atari 2600) just released the new Atari 2600 game "Alien Abduction" as a digital download in the Atari VCS store.

It's a 16K game ROM (using F6 bank-switching) and plays on the Stella emulator without issues. 20 levels, 140 play screens, 16 obstacle types. Wow!!

[Edit: I just noticed the game was also announced in the Atari VCS forum]


I wonder if John is working with Atari to release a cartridge version of the game later this year. If so, I hope the game is also released for PAL 50Hz!

And I also wonder if John has talked with his former Activision colleagues at Audacity Games about a possible release on their platform.




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2 hours ago, Linards Ticmanis said:

I think the letter in question is in fact supposed to be a "W". Look closely at the horizontal stroke, it is lower than the one in the "H" of "Hero".

This is correct. I've seen this same font styling used also on a few 7800 games too or I should recent 7800 homebrew games with text in them does similar with the 'W'


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No Swear Gamer made a review about the game:

I love how this is basically HERO 2, I always tried to imagine what a true sequel to HERO would be (on the same vein as Pitfall 2, River Raid 2 or Frogger 2) and this is better than anything I could make up

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Alien Abduction on tonight's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!






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Did I dream this or did it really happen?  I swear I heard on a video, maybe an earlier ZPH, that this was going to get a physical release from AtariAge and I even think I saw it listed on an AtariAge flyer as a future release in the same video.  But they declared on the latest ZPH, that it's going to be released by Audacity.  If I didn't actually dream that first video and it really happened, and ZPH are correct that Audacity are now releasing it, I'd be interested to know how a planned AtariAge release moved to Audacity.  Did Audacity steal it? An audacious move if so.  See what I did there?  Is there now bad blood between AtariAge and Audacity as a result?  Genuinely curious to know.

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