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Rainbow Buster

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happy to be appreciated with the feedback. 
I am not into the developing so it is just a stupid question i am afraid but, could maybe use a closed racket helps? :p


or it is another kind of problem?

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Someone told me a long time ago, the only "stupid questions" are the one we don't ask. :)


The racket is a sprite to the computer so the shape we see does not matter. Only the dimensions of the racket which is a square made of 4 characters. 


It all has to do with how you detect "coincidence" between the ball and the racket and then how make sure that the ball has moved away from the racket before you test for coincidence again. The "devil is in the details" as we say in English. It looks like I am detecting again before the ball has been moved far enough away.


It means I will have to test some different methods. 

I think I have a better method now but will play with it more before releasing another version. 

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Ok I think I made it better. Now the ball takes over after a collision and moves itself clear of the thing it hit before we re-enter the primary game loop. 

New files are at the top of the thread.


Seems to play more reliably. 

I actually won 1 game at "gamer speed". That's a first. 


Updated source is here

CAMEL99-ITC/BREAKOUT.FTH at master · bfox9900/CAMEL99-ITC · GitHub


Big changes are in the words WALL-CLR and PADDLE-CLR which move the ball several pixels after a collision. 

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