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Unknown XE EPROM


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I found this EPROM dump in my XE prototype folders.  I have no idea what it's to and googling the part number doesn't seem to bring up anything.  I'm assuming whatever this game is it's missing the rest of the code for it to work, but maybe someone can take a look at figure out what it was part of?



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Posted (edited)

Considering that Super Breakout is a 4KB cartridge, it is more appropriate to say "It appears to be Super Breakout" 🙂


But seriously, this ROM is the final version of Super Breakout.

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Huh weird.  Like that Millipede rom that popped up with the reused EPROMs this is another final version with an 87 date on it that makes no sense.  Did Atari even re-release Super Breakout during the XE's life?

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