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Mac Classic "Checkerboard" Issue

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I'm possibly looking at purchasing a Mac Classic with the infamous checkerboard screen issue. Looks like a 16x10 pattern. He's asking $50.00 with mouse and keyboard included. The case is pretty much immaculate as are the mouse and keyboard. I've done some research on this, and it looks like it comes down to the round sliver capacitors on the mobo or possibly bad ram. In your opinions, is there anything else it could be? Yes, bad caps, bad circuits, cold solder joints... Is there a somewhat "common" issue that causes this? It's cheap and not too far away from me.


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IMO, I would buy it.  But, whether it is worth the $50 to you is your level of skill at fixing the common issues, and possibly troubleshooting if the problem is deeper.  I would not see it as a lost investment even if I could not fix it, as someone else would see some value in the work I already did, provided I am not ham-fisted in the work.

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