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My own AA homepage button possible ?

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it would be great to have this homepage- (or better: homeforum-) button,

where I can define the jump back to my mostly used (home-) forum inside AtariAge.

I 1st always need some "tricks" to get home,

AND 2nd, not to open a new tab then, next to my browser pinned AA-tab in the browser






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18 minutes ago, Mitch said:

Can't you just add a favorite/bookmark in your browser for that? Unless you want the forum root, for which there is already a button.





No, sadly not, because my AA tab is pinned in the browser. If I click the browsers home-button, it opens a new, not-pinned tab somewhere around




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3 hours ago, Mitch said:

I don't mean the home button. I mean create a favorite/bookmark that goes exactly where you want it to go.




ah ok, but this also opens a new tab, far far away ♪ from the pinned and only one


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