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2023 Winter/Spring HSC - Round 10 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World


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As the Allman Brothers sang, "going back to where it all begins." Let's wind up this round with the game that made me want a Master System in the first place. The Sega classic, Alex Kidd in Miracle World.


Instructions here.


For one bonus point, play any other Alex Kidd game.


This round runs May 22 - June 4. This is the final round of the season - good luck!






  1.  @Dashopepper 16,800
  2.  @BydoEmpire 15,000 (+1)
  3.  @S.BAZ 10,000
  4.  @jeremiahjt 1000 (+1)
  5.  @fakecortex 800 (+1)
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Woof, I don't think I'm a fan of Alex Kidd... I got 800 (no pic). I guess I was expecting a faster paced action/platformer, but the slow treasure collecting in the first area is too tedious. I typically don't mind a slower collecting type game, but then you die easily and you're at it again.


For the bonus point, I tried all of the Alex Kidd games! I had myself a marathon! Spoiler alert: I learned that I don't quite care for this series. Shame.


Alex Kidd BMX Trial - Requires the Japanese paddle controller. It's unplayable with other controllers unfortunately. Varying results, but nothing good with the SMS controller, joystick, Gen controller, 2600 joystick, 2600 paddle, 2600 driving, or 2600 trackball (actually the "best" funny enough). Shame tho, b/c the game didn't look all too bad.


Alex Kidd: Lost Stars - Not sure if this gave a score, or if I even got a score. Died way too often to get far.


Alex Kidd: High Tech World - This one is very different (and ironically not high tech at all when you start, tho I didn't leave the castle). It has a hilarious premise of needing to collect pieces of a map to a new arcade. The quasi-point & click adventure was a nice change of pace from the other platformers that I wasn't jiving with. I might actually go back to this one.


Alex Kidd in Shinobi World - I played this one earlier this season, for a bonus maybe? Cute little take on Shinobi, tho I'll stick with the original.


And as a super bonus...


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Genesis) - the RPS matches are cute, the controls are competent, but overall it couldn't save the series for me. One of his eyes jiggles around when you punch tho and I love it.


That does it for me. BTW, does anyone else think that he looks like a little monkey?

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Yes, definitely Monkey-esque, I think moreso in the Genesis Alex Kidd game - the ears are more prominent.


Much easier on an emulator on PC with a gamepad than my DS emucart. Played a couple more games and did pretty well. Even won a game of Janken. 15,000


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48 minutes ago, S.BAZ said:


I like this game a little better once I get used to the squirrely controls.


A game over for losing at Rock-Paper-Scissors??  

What a bunch of crap!


Yeah, that's frustrating. I like the idea of the rock paper scissors matches, but I wish there was a way to add a little bit of skill to it.

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For the bonus point, I played two Alex Kidd games I've never played before.


Alex Kidd in High Tech World seems like an adventure game, at least in the beginning. I didn't play long, but wandered around the house trying to find pieces of a map. Kind of compelling if I had more time.


Also played a little bit of Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars. The control is tighter than the original, but not as much fun.




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Controls take a bit to get used to. I did try really hard to beat this game awhile back but there was some terrible water level towards the end that was impossible. 


Thanks for putting on another great season of the high score club and congrats to everyone who participated!


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