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My old Klondike Solitaire game, saved...


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Whether or not it was worth saving is a valid question.  ;-)  But...



(There might or might not be a picture here... I never know if google photos links will work...)


Long story short(ish).  
Back in the early 90s, I was teaching myself C and someone on FidoNET was asking for a simple Klondike game.  I said I'd be willing to try...
Got fairly far, writing it in DICE C on my A500.  It had a few bugs still, and didn't have all the functionality I wanted, but it did work.
However, for some reason I can't remember, I stopped it...  Life, better game release, etc...  Not sure, but I stopped...  Never released it.  That was in 1992.

Recently, someone on Facebook found and reached out to me and mentioned my old game.  He had been one of my few testers.  Apparently he thought he had a copy somewhere even, but he wasn't sure...  I hadn't thought about it in ages...
I got semi-motivated and grabbed a bunch of floppies I had (all DOS format) and started looking...  Maybe (???) I had a backup of some of my Amiga stuff???
And I scored, kind of...  I found a zip file with my game, but not any of the source code...  No versions (I didn't have any versioning... I know, bad programmer) and I wouldn't have remembered how close that version was to one of my last versions anyway...  But then I got thinking and started going through my old collection of documentation...

And I found a printed copy of my source code.  Again, no idea what version, but...  I was now motivated...
So, I OCRd it, and it looked mostly OK...  
I briefly tried a cross-compiler, but wasn't having any luck, so I grabbed the last version of DICE and installed it on my Amiga 1200.  Then I started editing/cleaning up the code...
Luckily, OCR is pretty good nowadays.  It only had issues with things like ;'s , quotes, different types of brackets, 0s and Os, 1s and Is...  😞
So, yeah, it was a LOT of work..  (I mean, a LOT.... Really...  Might have been faster to re-type it all.)

I was able to use my binary and Personal Paint on my Amiga to grab the card graphics.  All my sounds were external files in the binary archive...

I had some struggles with versions of libraries I had used (iff.library and easysound), but eventually got that working.
And I even fixed some bugs (some mean ones around my not understanding menus fully).
And I finally got it compiling, tested on my Amiga 500 emulated Amiga (1.3, 2.x, etc) and my Amiga 1200 (3.2.2), and sent it in to Aminet.


So, from 1992 to 2023 for a release...  ;-)


If you want to play one of the top 20 or 30 PD Amiga solitaire games  ;-) ....


Even tho I know there were better Solitaire games out back then, I still wish I would have finished/released it back in the day...


Note:  My release includes my not-so-great-but-surprising-it-works-well-apparently C code.  I figure it is a good example of what someone who wasn't a programmer and was just learning could do with an Amiga and an inexpensive C compiler...

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